Congratulations on your new puppy!

Cost $350

Whether you are having puppy problems, or just want to learn how to start your pup out right,  my puppy preschool class can really help! So, Come work with me, a Professional Dog Trainer/Instructor, and learn how to give your puppy The RIGHT START IN LIFE.
In this one of a kind Puppy Pre-School class for new owners, and their puppies, you will learn how to:
          Properly socialize a puppy & why it is important
          Avoid common mistakes that lead to behavior problems
          Survive “puppyhood” & solve common puppy problems (chewing, nipping, jumping)
          Train your puppy in a positive and rewarding way and lay a foundation for formal training at 6 months
Starting at 10 weeks old we can teach a puppy a tremendous amount of things and lay a foundation that will help you train the pup as it matures.  At class we teach you how to hold the leash, teach your puppy not to jump up on you or anyone else as well as how to handle ALL problems. We will introduce your puppy to commands like “sit”, “break”, “come”, “down”, “stay”, “drop it” , “take it” and “heel”.
You only have 4-6 months to mold your dog's character. So, don’t wait! Sign up for puppy class now and GIVE YOUR PUPPY THE RIGHT START IN LIFE.
 This program consists of:
  • 5 one hour classes held once a week for 5 weeks
  • Booklet #1: "It's a Dog's Life: A Plan for Raising Great Puppies" by Cara Putnam
  • Cost $350

Pre-requisites: 1) Your puppy must be currently on a vaccination protocol , 2) you must have had it at home with you for 14 days and 3) it must be 10 weeks-15 weeks old.

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