Cost $3,600 for dogs over 6 months old $3,850 for puppies starting at 10-16 weeks old

What is a READY ONE Therapy or Service Dog ?

The term “ready one” comes from Naval aviation. Naval aircrew squadrons would be on rotation and maintain a variety of states of readiness to carry out operations. To be on the “ready one”  meant you were the crew that was in rotation, designated, prepared and ready to deploy first in order to respond to the needs of the Navy. 

A READY ONE Therapy or Service Dog Team is an owner and dog duo that have competed the Crossroads School of Dog Training READY ONE Team Training, have been certified as “GOOD TO GO”  and are READY and ABLE to help people that need them.

Dogs are natural mood enhancers, and they can and are willing to help ! It has been shown that when people spend time with dogs there is a physiological change that occurs. Petting dogs, and just spending time enjoying them has been proven to promote the release of serotonin, dopamine, and oxytocin. 

Our READY ONE Therapy and Service Dogs may also have the following affects:

  • Lowered blood pressure.
  • Reduced Anxiety & Improved Mood
  • Increased feelings of support
  • Smiles and Joy!


Nitro was sworn into service as the Grant County Sheriff’s Office Peer Support Dog in April of 2023. Tracy Hill is his owner and handler.

A peer support dog is, in essence, a therapy dog. His role as a READY ONE Peer Support Dog is easy; to bring smiles and joy! Spending time with Nitro is a creative way for law enforcement officers and the staff of the courthouse to decompress.

#Welovedogs: Nitro is not only creating a positive work environment at the courthouse but is inspiring a bit of change too.

Chief Deputy Josh Sainsbury


Medical Alert Dog Sunny provides life saving alerts for his owner/handler Maddie who needs his help. Maddie suffers from symptoms of Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (POTS). With POTS, the body does not control the heart rate as it should after you stand up. The change in heart rate happens within 10 minutes of standing up.  It can happen during other times depending on the person. This leads to symptoms such as dizziness, palpitations, trembling, or weakness which can cause a person to pass out and fall down. Sunny provides quick and reliable alerts to prevent Maddie from falling and getting hurt,  or worse.

About our training and certification

We do things a bit differently than other dog trainers. Our approach is to train the humans to train their own dogs. Therefore, our end result is an owner/handler trained dog. This means that not only does the dog have the “right stuff” to do the work but, that the owner does too.

A certified READY ONE DOG Team will have completed both the obedience training course (the details for this can be found on this website) in addition to either the therapy dog or the service dog training modules as well.

Typical READY ONE Therapy Dog training will include but is not limited to:

  • Ten private lessons in basic dog obedience on site at Crossroads School of Dog Training
  • At least ten off-site sessions customized to the dog’s future work duties
  • Attendance of at least 4 group classes
  • Certification test

Typical READY ONE Service Dog training will include but is not limited to:

  • Ten private lessons in basic dog obedience on site at Crossroads School of Dog Training
  • Ten private lessons in task training specific to the needs of the owner
  • At least 5 off-site public access training sessions
  • Attendance of at least 4 group classes
  • Certification test

Eligibility Requirements 

Step 1: Evaluation of the and dog and owner

The candidates must pass the required evaluations. A formal temperament test of the dog and assessment of the handler will be conducted by a Professional Dog Trainer/Instructor of Crossroads School of Dog Training LLC.. Both must pass the evaluations with a “good to go” rating in order to be accepted into the program.. 

Step 2: Health screening for your dog

All dogs involved in the program need to be healthy. All vaccinations should be up to date as required by your veterinarian, and results of a fecal exam should be included in the health screening. Your veterinarian must complete the health screening form, which is a part of the registration packet.

Step 3. Completion of the registration packet 

An application, health certificate, waiver and confidentiality forms must be completed and submitted to Cara Putnam with Crossroads School of Dog Training L.L.C. before the training begins. 

Step 4: Team Training

Candidates will complete the Crossroads READY ONE Peer Therapy or Service Dog Team training course. The training is designed not only to train the dog but to also educate the dog owner on responsible therapy dog/service dog policies and procedures.

Step 5: Test and Certification

The READY ONE Therapy or Service Dog Team must pass a skills test administered by a professional dog trainer/instructor of Crossroads School of Dog Training L.L.C.. Upon a pass the team will receive a certification.

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