Advanced Dog Training

Advanced Training

Throw away your leash!

Many of my customers have enjoyed not only the experience of training their own dog, but have an improved relationship with their canine companion and want to advance their dog’s capability.

Advanced Obedience Training

This is a series of 5 private lessons over the course of 3 weeks. The objective is for you to be able to throw away your dog’s leash!

This training includes, but is not limited to:

  • Long Distance Off Leash Training
  • Hand Signals
  • Attention Span Building


You might call this a maintenance course intended to “tune-up” your dog. To ensure your dogs obedience proficiency over time you must keep your training alive!

Whether your dog could improve on walks, listen to you on a more consistent basis, do better at group class, or maybe it’s YOU that needs a tune-up, let’s get back to it with this 5 lesson course.


Certificate and completion of 10 private obedience lessons & participation in at least 2 group classes.