Worth the time, money and drive.

"Cara is so worth the time, money and drive. I drive an hour each way to go to lessons, and I have never complained about it. I've seen several different trainers and training methods, and I really believe Cara to be the best I have seen. She helped me take an "aggressive" dog and turn him around. I am forever grateful for that."

— J. Griffin, GSD
 in Wenatchee, WA

Then all .... broke loose

"My husband and I became the proud parents of two sweet little girls, sisters, in March 2011. They were 10 weeks old when we got them and the first day was very special. Then all … broke loose! Well you can imagine the trials and tribulations of house breaking and training two "comrades in arms" from that day forward. We had not had two puppies at one time for 40+ years. I finally decided that I could not do this on my own and enlisted Cara to teach me how to teach them. She is AMAZING! The private lesson is so much more effective and efficient than working in a large group, which I had done over 30 years ago. Cara has such patience with her students (the adults who can be slower to learn than the kids). The "don't touch" command has been a life saver for me. I was able to break them of getting into the dish washer whenever it was open very quickly! Being able to participate in the group lessons is a great benefit as you reinforce lessons learned in the individual lessons as well as learn new things. I highly recommend Cara to anyone who has a new puppy or dog and needs a little assistance in managing their behavior. Life is so much better now! A very satisfied customer."

— M. Littrell, German
 in Wenatchee, WA

Worth the 1 1/2 hr. commute

"I heard about Cara from a friend, and had been frustrated by my dog's misbehavior, despite having taken group obedience lessons locally in Wenatchee. He would drag me along on the leash, bark and lunge at other dogs, joggers, and cyclists, ignore me when I called, leap out of the car as soon as the door opened... Signing up for lessons with Cara was the best thing I could have done and well worth the 1 1/2 hour commute. Her attention to detail, her "human training" skills and "dog training" skills are amazing! My 3 year old yellow lab pound pup now gets compliments wherever we go on how well behaved he is. I learned how to be a better human for my pup, and he learned what behavior was expected of him. Cara takes the time to make sure you understand what to do and always has another trick up her sleeve! I will definitely bring every dog I ever get in the future to Cara for training."

— L. Nitchals, Lab
 in Wenatchee, WA

Life is so much better!

"My vet refered us to Cara and I am so greatful that he did. I do not know if we would still have Teddy if not for this training. He was an out of control puppy and I was not prepared as an owner for his agressive behavior. We both learned how to work together, and build confidence as owner and dog. We now love Teddy and feel confident in his behavior when people come to visit. Thank you"

— G. Stull, mix breed
 in Wenatchee, WA

Able to keep me dog now

"Without your training I would not have been able to keep my dog. I always wanted a German Shepard, but I did not realize how quickly she would grow to be a dog I could not control. With your training and guidance we are a happy pair working and walking together!"

— M. Samuel, GSD
 in Cashmere, WA

Worth the 170 mile round trip drive

"My 6 month old German Shepherd pup has shown remarkable progress since training and I would highly recommend Cara's services to anyone interested in improving the behavior of their dog and strengthening the relationship. Cara is 100% dedicated to her training business and it shows in her approach to the lessons and the attention she gives to all aspects of the training schedule. I have to travel 170 miles round trip to get to Cara's place, yet the extra time and expense is well worth the effort and I would do it again without hesitation. I am looking forward to attending her advanced class when Cara thinks the time is right."

— D. Comrie, GSD
 in Grand Coulee, WA

Life is so much better.

"My vet refered us to Cara and I am so greatful that he did. I do not know if we would still have Teddy if not for this training. He was an out of control puppy and I was not prepared as an owner for his agressive behavior. We both learned how to work together, and build confidence as owner and dog. We now love Teddy and feel confident in his behavior when people come to visit. Thank you"

— G. Stull
 in Wenatchee, WA

Puppy customer

"My husband and I have known Cara for years. Her commitment to improving the human/canine bond is sincere and has expanded over her considerable career. I believe her very strong background in training for both performance and companion dog owners has made her a very intuitive and successful dog breeder. Her dogs are impeccably bred, from proven working dog stock, excellent in both conformation and temperament. When our older German Shepherd "Dodge" passed away last fall, we knew immediately where we'd go for our next pup; straight to Cara. We couldn't be more pleased with our newest family member. Thanks Cara!!"

— Mary DeLorey, DVM
 in Northwest Equine Dentistry, Inc.

Cara came to the rescue

"A friend referred Cara to me earlier this year. My German Shepherd had become very agressive toward other dogs. He was in a situation where dogs were barking at him and he reacted by bitting the other dog's owner. He was also in another situation later that month where he bit a young girl. I was ready to euthanize him. Cara came to my rescue. We had a very rough beginning, but continued to work on control and obedience. G-Man has finished his 10 private lessons in basic obedience and is now into attending the group lessons. My friends are telling me that they can see the result of the classes as they do not fear him at all. With constant work and attendance we have made a new dog out of him. I do not hesitate to recommend Cara to any and all dog owners. Please continue to offer new lives to all dogs and their owners who really care and will work for it. Thank you! Mary"

— M. Sawyer
 in Wenatchee, WA - owner GSD

The payoff two years later

"When out with my dog people have commented on what a wonderful dog Kingsford is. We are on a lake most of the time in the summer and up in the mountains skiing, or at the beach clam digging in the winter, and it is a beautiful thing to just walk with him and not have to worry about him taking off to another dog or sniffing anyone. Of course we have our moments, we both have our weaknesses but what a joy to know eachothers and go on. I remember you telling me that in 3 years or so I would have forgotten all the hard work we were doing during the private lessons. You were right. He is just now 3 and we would not have this relationship if it were not for you both knowing what the pay off is down the road and giving me the confidence to know we could get there. Thank you for your patience and commitment to both of us."

— A. Ray
 in Monroe, WA – owner GSD

Training that worked

"I have never had a dog I couldn't get through to. This method seems to have worked. It has worked out great for me!"

— S. Fadden
 in Wenatchee, WA – Blue Heeler owner

Working with Cara

"I had two dogs that did not get along well. The training taught me to be in charge and they fugured out that they had nothing to fight about because I was the "alpha dog". I use all the techniques on a daily basis and it is part of our normal life. I am able to take both my dogs at the same time and handle them with no problems. It is a joy! I love the training!"

— M. Bates
 in Quincy, WA – Humane Society

Working with Cara

"Cara made it very easy for me to learn what I needed to do so my dog and I could be a team. My dog, Blaylock, now knows "the rules" and has an understanding of who is in control. I believe he is a happier dog and he knows his boundaries. I now enjoy my dog so much more."

— E. Prousch
 in Wenatchee, WA – Bernise Mtn. Dog owner

Training I can use everyday

"I can take my 2 labs places with confidence. I enjoyed working with Cara and feel we accomplished quite a lot."

— G. Fraker
 in Chelan, WA – Labrador owner

Several Issues with 4 Malamutes

"I have 5 malamutes, 4 with behavior issues. I met Cara and talked with her about my dogs. My main issue is dog aggression of several types. Cara came out and saw my dogs, I was very intreged by her training methods. She also brought one of her dogs to show me the training. I went through the course with one of my dogs, slideing in two others off and on. Her training has helped me with my confidence with my dogs. She showed me several tools I can use with all my dogs in different situations. I am so glad I found Cara, my two girls still don't like each other but I have ways to work with them. My confidence is growing each day I work with my dogs. Every day I trained with Cara, she made me feel confident in myself and was always so supportive. I would recommend Cara and her training method to anyone, with any type of dog with any situation. She will be straight and honest with you. Unlike a lot of trainers I have seen, she is really honestly there to help you and your dog. Wish I had more room to write."

— T. Vincent
 in Chelan, WA – Malamute owner

Such a Wonderful Experience!

"I've always been a dog lover, however my dogs have never really been what you would call "respectful". Cara's knowledge and patience has transformed my first "subject" into a lady. She is now listening to me and understanding commands. She and I are both happier and I am now looking forward to working with my others dogs on my own. Thanks so much Cara, you are truly gifted."

— C. Weber
 in Quincy, WA – Mixed breed rescue dog owner

Great Training For Owners!

"Cara does a great job of starting from square one (even if you don't think you need it...you soon realize you do!) and working hard towards a successful finish. She addressed all concerns and really showed me how to take control of any situation. Though it was (and still is) hard work, I am thankful for the results...I didn't think I would be in a position of such control with my Great Dane. Cara is also dedicated to helping long after our training...the door is always open for questions!"

— Amanda & Katy
 in Wenatchee, WA – Great Dane owner

Training Me!!!

"I loved Cara's training and help with my Great Dane. She was and is a wonderful dog but extremely stubborn. Cara did a great job and I am still learning from what she taught Xena and me!! Xena now comes when called and I can walk her on leash without worrying about her dashing forward to chase cars. Cara confirmed that older dogs and older people can still benefit from training.

P.S. Jim also benefited, as Xena comes on his command also!!
Thank you Cara!!"

— B. English
 in Royal City, WA – Great Dane owner

What a talented trainer!

"I was lucky enough to meet Cara when my German Shepherd (Juno) was young. I did puppy kindergarten with Cara in Tacoma and had such a good experience I decided to do obedience with her as well. It was an even better experience! I knew nothing about dog training before I met Cara and after a lot of patience on her part Juno and I finished obedience and have been attending some of the weekend group classes.

I am a first time dog owner and have found Cara to be extremely patient. She doesn't get rattled or upset when someone new like myself is trying to learn to work with her dog! She gave lots of encouragement along the way and really helped me become a more confident handler. My relationship with Juno has truly benefited from this experience. Juno has become a confident young dog while maintaining her great spirit because Cara has helped me become more consistent. She is able to work with dogs of all abilities (and their owners) in a kind, respectful, patient way."

— K. Larsen
 in Seattle, WA – GSD owner

About the training I received from Crossroads Dog Training

"I had a very stubborn year old Golden Retriever. With Cara's expertise and guidance I am now able to control my dog. It was done without yelling at, or punishing the dog. I was very pleased with Cara's knowledge of dogs, and her obvious love for them."

— D. LaRoche
 in East Wenatchee, WA – Golden Retriever owner

Just finished with my 10th private lesson.

"Pebbles came to us as a Rescue dog, approx. 3 to 5 years old. She had been in and out of animal shelters throughout her life, endured a fractured pelvis after being hit by a car and has partial vision loss due to not receiving the surgery she needed to correct a simple problem. We did not know anything else about her past life, but found out soon that she thought she had total control of her walks and that she did not like other small dogs.

After attending only the first class with Cara, Pebbles no longer pulled and stopped on her leash. The difference was amazing. She actually behaves like she enjoys giving up that struggle and appreciates us taking control. She is learning that she doesn't have to like other dogs, but rather is expected to disregard them. The last class with Cara included her two, well trained and well balanced dogs. It was amazing to see our Pebbles work side by side with them and to listen to our training cues. When faced with the dilemma of other dogs, she looked to me for direction and control. The group sessions with other training graduates, will only enforce both Pebbles and my training skills.

These classes teach the owners responsibility, control and accountability over your own dog. It's an ongoing team effect and we are so happy that we chose this type of training program. My spouse and I highly recommend Cara as an instructor and the program that she teaches."

— T. Lehecka
 in Wenatchee, WA – Shar Pei owner

The best investment you'll make for your dog!!!

"Taking Cara Putnam's dog obedience coarse was the best investment I could have made for my dog and it has greatly improved the quality of our life together! During the private lesson period my dog and I learned together and improved each week on the tasks Cara set for us. It is amazing the transformation our dog took! Cara is a very effective communicator and is very patient . She cares about your dog and really wants you and your dog to get something out of her program. This is an investment you wont regret making and the returns are well worth it!"

— A. Townsend
 in Quincy, WA – Golden Retriever owner

Most well behaved dog at the campground.

"I thought I would let you know how Ky is doing.We went camping for her first big outing since we finished classes. And she did really good, there was a boxer there that was barking at her and she ignored him and just kept walking right by him. She ended up being the most well behaved dog at the camp ground. We also took her to the Lake Wenatchee State Park last night with some of our family and she was awesome there too. When we first got there I corrected her for the permanent don't touch with the first person we walked up to and she didn't try approaching anyone else until I said she could and she even ignored the other dog at the campfire while he was whining to see her. I like showing off a well behaved dog. I couldn't really ask for a better dog."

— K. McGraw
 in WVHS - Rottweiler owner

Scottish Terrier Owner

"Thank you again. Training with you was overwhelmingly the right choice. I enjoy Annie now more than ever before. I think there are some Scottie owners that think if you train your Scottie they will lose their fire/spunk/energy and charm. It ain't so. She is just as wild and crazy, cute and funny as before but now she is a much better dog. Having a little discipline in her life makes our lives much easier."

— D. Anderson
 in Othello, WA

Benefit of Group Classes

"Upon completing private lessons Cara offers group classes. Everyone should be attending group class when they can to build on their dog's wonderful behavior that has been instilled in them through Cara. Every time I attended with G-Man he became a better dog and I plan on taking advantage of them with my new dog Gunner. They are invaluable for me to be able to socialize my pup, get input into the correct ways to train and continue his education. It will only make a better dog of him and a better person of me. Thank you forever. Mary"

— Sawyer GSD Owner
 in Wenatchee, WA

My dog is reliable even off leash now

"We live on a farm with our 2 dogs. We don't have a fenced yard. I wanted our newest dog Rocky, a GSD from a shelter, to be obedient off leash. Our advanced training lessons with Cara (after the initial series of lessons) have helped to achieve that. We did a lot of off leash work and obedience from a distance. Rocky is becoming quite reliable and responsive in everyday situations off leash. I'd recommend Cara's advanced training lessons to anyone who wants an obedient dog, even when you take the leash off. Jennifer Erickson and Rocky"

— J. Erickson and GSD
 in George, WA