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Crossroads Dog Training offers professional dog training services to people whose dogs are a truly loved member of the family. My primary goal is to teach people how to train their own dogs so that they can enjoy living with a well trained dog.

Taught by Cara Putnam

As a professional Dog Trainer/Instructor, I provide private and group instruction to clients with dogs of ALL AGES, ALL BREEDS and ALL PROBLEMS. I help people with good dogs that could be better. And, have helped many people who were at a real crossroads with their dog, providing them with what they need to keep a dog they may be thinking of getting rid of due to severe aggression problems.

Cara and Edgar

Is it worth the drive?

It is not unusual to have any number of clients at my facility that have traveled from Wenatchee, Leavenworth, Manson, Chelan, Coulee City, Richland etc... Some have driven 180 miles round trip to attend their private lessons. Because this training works, I am no longer a secret. Without a doubt, it is a commitment of time and money. It is my hope that you will feel it was well worth the effort and not regret the extra time and expense you put in to have a well-trained dog.

Dog Obedience Training

Your Dog Can Be Trained

Whether you just got a new puppy, or you have an older dog that you worry is past the point of no return, rest assured that training your companion is possible. Your dog is more than just a pet. It is a beloved member of the family that deserves specialized attention so that it can lead a fulfilling life.

You would not expect your child to understand algebra without first taking some educational classes, and in many ways a dog is no different. As an owner, you need instruction training so that you can develop a rewarding relationship with your dog.

This is the difference between hiring a dog trainer and hiring Cara Putnam, a professional dog trainer and instructor that specializes in instructing YOU how to train your own dog.

Dog obedience training will require an investment on your part, in both time and money, but when it is completed you will immediately see the benefits of having a well-trained dog that understands what you expect at all times. While there are a number of dog training schools that make grand promises, when it comes to dog training there is no substitute for hard work, dedication, and perseverance.

Crossroads Dog Obedience Training for All Breeds and All Problems, with Real Results

Crossroads Dog obedience training classes are different because Cara Putnam will first work with you and your dog through a series of private lessons, and only when these lessons are complete will she encourage you to join the group dog training classes. This is because Cara believes a proper foundation must be laid before the distractions of other dogs and people should be introduced.

At times, people come to a crossroads with their dog, wondering if they can reverse bad behavior or aggressiveness via a dog training school before being forced to make a difficult decision. If this sounds familiar, then it is time to take control of the situation and help your dog via obedience training.

Cara has assisted dog owners with breeds considered "un-helpable" with resounding success. Many people seek out dog training schools for help with aggressive pets, and are told that the problem can not be fixed. This is almost always incorrect.

Success with any dog simply requires perseverance, understanding, and specialized dog training classes that address the idiosyncrasies of that particular breed, and the personality of the individual pet. So dont give up hope on your dog until you have talked to a Cara – a professional trainer that loves dogs and wants to give them every opportunity to be happy.

Dog Training Classes

Dog Training Classes for Pet Owners that Care

From small to large breeds, and from puppies to older companions, a well trained dog is a happier member of the family. Crossroads may be located in Central Washington, but people from all over the state have foregone the convenience of local dog training schools to take advantage of Cara's unmatched reputation.

If you would like more information about dog obedience training or you have a dog with special needs and are willing to go the extra mile to make them a happier dog, call us today at 509-670-8386.

Crossroad's motto is "All Breeds – All Problems – Real Results." Your dog is special, so make sure it gets the love, attention, and TRAINING it needs to be happy and fulfilled.

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